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Police K9 Overview

We promised you our April speaker would be dynamic, and Columbus Division of Police Ofc Tony Rogers did not disappoint! Ofc Rogers, who is currently a Community Liaison Officer for 7 Precinct (East Side) spoke to us about his 12 years as a K9 handler and talked in depth about his three K9 partners. He painted vivid pictures of their personalities, their working styles, their career highs, and their quirks. We learned how CPD uses K9s to keep the public and officers safe, how the dogs interact with their handlers' families and any existing family pets, and how they differ from the therapy dogs we've been introduced to by our friends at the Franklin County Sheriff Office's Therapy K9 program. We also received an overview of the initial training the dogs receive, as well as the ongoing training the handlers and the K9s receive (it is quite intensive).

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Ofc Rogers, take a few minutes to ask him about his career. He will happily share his experiences with you, and he will tell you how very much he loves his job. You will walk away with a new found respect for policing and most likely with a new friend.

Ofc Rogers will be hosting one of the Cops and Barbers events we're helping to organize in August. If you'd like to volunteer to work at his precinct, it would be a great time to give back to the community while having a chance to get to know this fine officer a bit better. Volunteer sign ups will be released closer to the August event, so make sure to follow our blog or Facebook page.

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