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Update: Help for Family of 8

Starfish Assignment family:

The teamwork of Columbus Division of Police Officer Poole and your contributions once again have made a wonderful difference in our community; this time to this family that was in need to return home. This family of eight, if you recall, was stranded in Ohio on their way home to Wisconsin. Together we were able to:

*Fix the car: brakes, tire, water pump and thermostat. *Provide dinner last night (the family had eaten only one meal all day yesterday) *Provide $590.00 which would cover their stay at the hotel for yesterday and send them on their way today! *Supply translation service for the Officer and family.

Thank you so much for your caring hearts! This Assignment was such a humbling experience since you could see first hand what many take for granted and how a single event (like a broken down vehicle) could place a family in a dire situation. The family wishes all of you overflowing blessings and they are sorry they could not thank each one of you personally!

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