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New Board Member

We are excited to announce that Columbus Division of Police Ofc Pete Casuccio has joined the Starfish Assignment board as an Executive Vice President. Ofc Casuccio has been a police officer for six years, patrolling the area of South Linden (5 Precinct). He is devoted to the community he serves and lives by the motto "see a need, fill a need." This mindset led him to start his own charity, Cops and Barbers, with his barber, Robert Cayson, in 2018.

Almost immediately after that first Cops and Barbers event, we reached out to Ofc Casuccio, asking if we could work with him on future endeavors. He has been a huge advocate of Starfish Assignment ever since. Earlier this year, he and Rob decided that, rather than creating their own standalone charity with Cops and Barbers, they would move it under the Starfish Assignment umbrella.

This month, after nearly a year of being an informal advisor, Ofc Casuccio agreed to join the Starfish board so that he can continue to develop and guide our organization in a more formal leadership role. Please join us in extending him a hearty welcome.

If you'd like to read about the rest of our stellar Starfish Assignment board, please visit the Leadership tab.

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