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Gift Bag Update

We received more deliveries over the past couple of days for the gift bags that Columbus Division of Police officers will hand out to citizens on Christmas Day. Thank you to Yee C. Hang, Arnon E. Reichers, and Debbie Vaught for your amazing generosity!

If we didn't mention you and you know your items were delivered in this round, please message us. We had a junior volunteer helping us unpack this time, so we might have lost a slip or two.

We're making 250 adult bags, 250 kids bags, and 100 homeless bags. Here's the post where we listed all the items if you'd like to see what's in all the bags.

Our Amazon Wish List is almost completely purchased. We only have 10 packages of deodorants, 3 packages of wet wipes, the two different kinds of gift bags, and the two tissue papers left on it! Thank you so much! You have been incredibly supportive and generous, and we can't wait to share this information with the officers who are participating in this project (we're going to give them handouts with their boxes). We think it will bring some holiday cheer to their day.

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