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Assignment: Help a Witness To Domestic Violence

ASSIGNMENT: Give belated Christmas presents, including basketball shoes, to a 14-year-old boy who witnessed a horrific act of violence committed by his father against his mother.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police Officers Nicole Mancini and Tyler Hicks, 14 Precinct, Far East Side.

Officers Mancini and Hicks were recently involved in an extremely troubling domestic violence call, in which this boy's father attempted to kill his mother right in front of him. We will not disclose the details here in order to protect the privacy of the victim.

The officers were touched by how kind and polite the boy is. That, coupled by the troubles he's endured in his life, have prompted them to reach out to us. They found out he didn't have much in the way of Christmas presents, so they'd like to make up for that if possible.

In addition, the boy would like to start playing basketball, so the officers would like to purchase a good pair of shoes for him. We reached out to our friend Mario Dovell from Adams Recreation Center. He's going to work with Ofcs Mancini and Hicks to get the young man in touch with a program on the East Side to help him with his basketball skill once he gets those shoes.

We ask for your donations so we can help these officers buy these items for this boy. Thank you.

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