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A Home For the Holidays

Three years ago, we had the privilege of meeting a dedicated mother and her five children through Columbus Division of Police Officer Ed Chung (19 Precinct, Hilltop). Our support included essential items like furniture, food, and clothing to kickstart her journey.

This resilient mother kept in touch with Officer Chung over the years, valuing his guidance and working hard to enhance her life and that of her children. Her perseverance paid off, and she and her children recently moved into a safe home that's close to her job.

However, with a larger home came greater needs, including a stove and a refrigerator, so Officer Chung reached out to us for advice and assistance. A network of people stepped up to assist this sweet family, and two people, Michaela and Howie, bought them a new stove and a refrigerator! The Sisko Kidz Foundation gave the family beds and blankets and adopted them for Christmas, providing presents for all the children.

But then, a hiccup with an application led to a potential eviction right before Christmas. Thanks to our emergency fund and your generous donations, we were quickly able to cover the $1,087 security deposit, ensuring the family could enjoy their holidays without stress.

We are grateful to Officer Chung for his unwavering kindness, to every donor who contributed, and to all who supported this family's journey. Your generosity and spirit transformed a home and touched lives.


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