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A Safe Place To Sleep

On December 23, Columbus Police officers from 18 Precinct (North Side) responded to a call in which they helped a mother and her child leave a residence. The person who had the legal right to the residence would not let the mom and baby take anything with them, and since there was violence involved, the mom simply wanted to be away. She said she was fine leaving with what she could carry, but she needed a crib for her baby.

Since it was the evening before Christmas Eve, and all the charities they could think of were closed for the holiday, the officers called Officer Dan Snyder, who they know works with us a lot. He contacted us and we immediately authorized him to go purchase a crib and sheets.

Officer Snyder gamely braved the Christmas crowds, unkind looks, and a few pointed comments from people who thought he was shopping for himself on duty, in order to get the crib. Officer Ashley Reyes, who we worked with when she was a 614 Cadet, delivered it to the now-safe mom and her baby. Teamwork. We love it!


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