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A Very "Sweet" Post

One of the things we enjoy most about Starfish is seeing the connections that are made between people and groups. A very "sweet" one happened when Biancamya Griffin was at Cops and Barbers.

Bianca became good friends with many of the Columbus Division of Police officers on 11/12 Precinct, including our buddies Ofcs Dan Snyder and Alex Mottinger, after her son KenKen was horribly burned by her then-boyfriend in a scalding hot bathtub in March 2019. On Sunday, after spending several hours with some of those officers at Cops and Barbers, Bianca decided she was going to do Taco Tuesday to show her love to the 11/12 officers. She made QUITE a spread for them and then decided to make them gorgeous cupcakes as well. As you can imagine, the officers were thrilled.

While at Cops and Barbers she got to meet 13 Precinct Ofc Amanda Hoover, who you may remember started the storage unit that holds items for officers to hand out to people in need. Bianca and Ofc Hoover hit it off big time, so much so that Amanda got cupcakes as well!! 💙 Oh, we love these crossover episodes. 🥰


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