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Another Very Tough Week

This has been another very tough week for our nation and our city. Yesterday, Columbus Division of Police released footage of two officers being viciously assaulted while responding to a call of a man threatening people with a knife. Officer Andrew Mott has a broken jaw and Officer Samuel Clanin has a concussion. We wish them both a full and speedy recovery.

We are connected to two of the officers involved in the tragic shooting at St. Ann's Hospital. In fact, one of the officers there is very close to Starfish, and we love him and his partner dearly. Our deepest sympathies go out to everyone affected by that day--Mr. Jackson's loved ones, the officers, the hospital staff, and the patients who were present. We are so very sorry.

We want to say thank you to the many wonderful law enforcement officers we personally know, and to all those across this country that we don't, who work so hard to protect and care for the citizens they serve. Particularly here in Columbus, you allow us to make such a difference in so many ways and we're very grateful to you. Thank you.


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