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Assignment: Bikes For Kids

ASSIGNMENT: Help get bikes for 11 children.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police Officer AJ Johnson (aka Ohnoitsdapopo).

You may have seen this Assignment unfold on Officer Johnson's Ohnoitsdapopo social media accounts, and you can see a video recap here. But we also wanted to share the photos they took of the smiling faces of everyone involved, and give a shout-out to our awesome volunteer, Jack Carlin who organized this Assignment for us. Getting 11 bikes is no small feat, but Jack and CPD worked together to get it done.

We had some bikes left in the borrowed warehouse we used for Bikes & Badges. Jack made sure the ones we could use were in good working order and coordinated with us to make additional purchases. Then, he, Officer Johnson, and the rest of the CPD team got the bikes to the kiddos. As you can see from the video everything went great!


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