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Assignment: Blankets For People in Need

The weather has been gorgeous, but Columbus Division of Police K-9 Officer David Jones is already thinking about taking care of people when it gets colder. When he asked for blankets for unhoused people, we turned to our friends at Walmart Dublin - Britton Parkway, who were very eager to help.

We worked with Walmart manager Shad Griffin to pick out these warm and soft blankets. Officer Jones will include them in blessing bags from his church and will make them available to the rest of CPD's K-9 officers to hand out as well.

As always, K-9 Ayko was quite excited about all of this and understood his role of posing handsomely for social media. He even reminded us that we should feature a picture of the dog blanket (there are four different kinds--the others are a wolf, a bear, and a white tiger).

Thanks to Officer Jones, K-9 Ayko, Walmart, and Starfish donors for making this fun and meaningful Assignment a reality.


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