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Assignment: Donations In Support Of a Supply Locker

ASSIGNMENT: Provide donations in support of the supply locker for people that 13 Precinct (South Side) officers encounter in the course of their duties. DETAILS: We've had many of you ask how you can donate to Columbus Division of Police​ Officer Amanda Hoover after you read the 30 Days of Kindness post we did, available here. We didn't include donation information on that post because, frankly, she didn't ask us for donations. She obtained the storage locker because she wanted to give back to the community that she loves. However, many of you know the names of the 13 Precinct officers just as well as we do, and you know that officers like Heidi Graber and Aaron Neal (among others) are always helping the citizens of the South Side, and you'd like to support their efforts, just as we want to. Thank you for that. On this entry, we've included a few photos of Assignment we've worked on with 13 Precinct officers. Your donations will go directly to stocking and supporting this locker so that the officers will have items like clothing, hygiene products, non-perishable foods, toys, diapers, etc, readily available to them when they encounter people in need. Remember, even a $5 donation will buy a lot of canned goods that will make a difference to someone who's hungry. You can make contributions via our donation page, which also lists our address if you'd prefer to mail in a check. As always, thank you for trust in us and for helping these officers and the people whose lives they touch. 💙


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