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Assignment: Fix the Brakes On a Returned Stolen Car

Sometimes the part we play in an Assignment is simply about being able to bring the right people together. That's certainly the case with another one we worked on in December. Columbus Division of Police Officer Adam Saddler took a report from a man, Chris*, whose car was stolen at gunpoint while he was making deliveries for work. This was his family's only source of income, and he was not able to work without it. When Officer Saddler heard that Zone 5 Midwatch Officers found the car a few days later, he followed up with Chris. Unfortunately, the people who stole his car had driven it so hard the brakes weren't safe, so he still couldn't go back to work. In addition, he didn't have the money to get it fixed.

Officer Saddler told his fellow officers, Dan Snyder and Alex Mottinger, who have worked with us many times, about this sad situation. Officer Snyder contacted us and told us they knew of an auto shop they could take the car to that did great work, they just needed to make sure there would be funds to pay for it. We told him we would love to take on this Assignment and to please move forward with it so we could get Chris back to work as soon as possible.

However, when Doug & Pat's Old Hilliard Auto Care heard about Chris's situation, the owners generously offered to fix his brakes for free! Not just that, but they noticed that Chris's bumper had been damaged by the suspects, and they fixed that for free as well. Thank you so much!

*Name has been changed and his identity has been protected because he is a victim in an open investigation.


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