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Assignment: Fix the Car of a Homeless Couple

ASSIGNMENT: Fix the vehicle of a homeless couple and their two pups.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police 8 Precinct (Franklinton) Community Liaison Officer Kelly Shay

Yesterday, patrol officers contacted Ofc Shay and asked if she could assist with a homeless camp that is on land owned by a railroad company and was scheduled to be razed. While on-site, she met Leonna and Heath, who are a very kind couple with two lovable furbabies. Leona receives some disability benefits, and Heath has been waiting for several years for his benefits.

Because their 2002 Ford F150 Extended Cab truck is inoperable, they would have lost everything yesterday if the railroad had gone through with their plans to bulldoze the site. Fortunately, it did not, and Ofc Shay was able to negotiate a rescheduled date of January 27.

In November, Ofc Alex Mottinger (11 Precinct--same precinct as Ofc Medley from yesterday!) told us about a great car repair shop with honest owners who he thought would like to work with us, Clark Auto Repair, 740 Grandview Ave. Ofc Mottinger was right: owner Chris Clark and his son, Derek, are giving us a heck of a deal on repairing tires and doing starter work and exhaust work. We also have to have it towed from the site, as Clark's doesn't have a tow truck. The total estimated price is $428.

Ofc Shay is going to have a social worker meet with them tomorrow to see about getting them temporary housing and work on getting them benefits and off the street long term. We're going to focus on getting their car fixed and ask for your donations of $428. Anything above that will either go towards additional auto repairs or will be given towards the couple's needs (clothing, housing, dog food, etc).


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