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Assignment: Help a Domestic Violence Victim With Car Repairs

Assignment: Help a domestic violence victim repair her car that was damaged by gunfire.

Referring Officers: Columbus Division of Police Sergeant Alan Bennett (Zone 5) and Officer Dan Snyder (11 Precinct)

Lisa* has been victimized by her ex on multiple occasions. Most recently, her car sustained a great deal of damage due to gunfire, to the point that it couldn't be driven. This was particularly problematic because it was the only means of transportation for all the adults in the household. Lisa works two jobs, helping to support multiple people, including her grandmother and younger brother.

Sergeant Bennett recognized her strong work ethic and reached out to us, hoping we'd be able to help with getting her car repaired. We were able to work with the wonderful people at Westerville Tuffy, including the owner, Karl, and manager, Keith, who gave us an amazing discount on the extensive work that needed to be done.

Fortunately, Sergeant Bennett was able to assist Lisa with completing the process of filing for a protection order at the prosecutor’s office and continues to offer support through the upcoming court dates. (Isn't that so sweet?) She has been working toward finding her own place so that she can be away from her attacker and hopefully bring peace to her family and their home.

Because we wanted to get her car back to Lisa as soon as possible, we moved forward immediately with the repairs and paid for it with money from our general fund. However, any money collected over the costs of the repairs will be given to Lisa to help her and her family through this difficult stage of their lives. When the officers told her that the repairs had been paid in full and that Tuffy had given us such a huge discount, she started crying tears of joy. She said she can't express to everyone how much she appreciates the help.

Thank you to all of the Starfish supporters who continue to donate to our general fund so that we are always able to help those in need, and thank you to Westerville Tuffy for making this happen.

*Name has been changed to protect her identity


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