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Assignment: Help A Family of Three

ASSIGNMENT: Help a family of three who has been living in their car return to their home state of Washington.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police Officers Heidi Graber and Aaron Neal (13 Precinct, South Side)

This week we got to partner with our old friends from the South Side, CPD Officers Heidi Graber and Aaron Neal. While investigating a report of a possible theft in progress, they encountered a family of three--mom, dad, and a two-year-old son--living in their car. Initially, the adults were wary of the police, but our beloved Officers Graber and Neal eventually won them over. They learned the family had moved here from the state of Washington for work, but have found it tough to find housing here. Dad gets paid this Friday, at which point they would be able to get into an extended stay hotel. But, with the storm coming, the officers knew they couldn't leave them there, so they gave us a call. Thanks to Starfish supporters, we were able to give the family $500 to get them into a safe and warm hotel room for a week that's near Dad's job. We appreciate your donations to our general fund, which allow us to act quickly in these circumstances, and we appreciate the officers who bring situations like these to our attention. We're now asking for your donations to raise money to help this family return to Washington. Officer Graber said the family is planning to live in the extended-stay hotel until they have enough money saved for the trip home, which could take a while, and we'd like to help them skip that struggle if possible. Thank you for your help.


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