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Assignment: Help For a Single Mom

ASSIGNMENT: Help a single mom with four children who lost multiple loved ones recently and was unemployed get back on her feet financially.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police Officer Kim Hollander, 15 Precinct (Far West Side)

Officer Hollander was dispatched to a wellness check on Miss Deandra, who had been on the phone with the Ohio Office of Unemployment and had gotten frustrated with them. Miss Deandra has experienced the loss of several loved ones recently, including her sister, who was also her best friend.

She is a single mom with four children, ages 14 years, 12 years, 18 months, and 6 months. She has a new job, but when we met her, she didn't have money to buy gas to get to it. Obviously, we worked with Officer Hollander to fix that immediately. In addition, she got behind on some bills while she was unemployed that we would like to help her get caught up on.

Two of her children had birthdays in the last month and she was upset that she couldn’t get them anything. Deandra wanted to get her son a bike. (We love bikes!!) Her son and his rambunctious friends broke his bed. (No more jumping on the bed! Haha!) Our good friends at the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio are going to help her out with new beds for both her son and daughter. The baby needs a crib that we can’t get from the Furniture Bank for health code reasons.

We would love to help Miss Deandra to get out of the hole and a fresh start for the future. Any donations made on this Assignment will go directly to her for those efforts. Thank you for your help!


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