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Assignment: Help For a West Side Family

Here is another Assignment we worked on over the holidays, this one on the West Side of the city, with Columbus Division of Police Officer Antionette Hysell. You'll notice CPD's Research and Development Unit was again involved, as were our friends from the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio.

This post was written by Officer Hysell:

I met this family after a dispatched call for service that involved a check on the well-being of the kids.

Their apartment was in dire need of cleaning and after speaking with the mother, Angelique, it was discovered she was on her own with five kids. Angelique disclosed that the father of the children was in jail and admitted that they were in desperate need of household items, bedding, and clothing.

I reached out to Starfish once I realized I was not able to provide their family all they needed on my own. Starfish connected me with the Furniture Bank, which enabled Angelique to get new beds, couches, a dining set, and other necessities for the household.

Our Research and Development department provided the family with a truckload of Christmas gifts for the kids and Angelique.

I gave Angelique a chance to clean up the apartment instead of threatening to take the kids away, as the initial conditions were not the best for the kids.

Angelique delivered every time I checked in with her and did her absolute best to work part-time every day as she kept up with the cleaning. She stated that the help she was offered motivated her to get herself together, and she and the kids have been very grateful throughout the entire process.

On a side note, when I first knocked on the door to do the well-being check, three of the five kids were terrified of me from their history with police officers. Two of the five were crying and hiding behind each other, as if they thought I came to take them away. Over weeks of developing a relationship with them, now they excitedly open the door and greet me with hugs. This family is truly deserving of the help given to them by Starfish.


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