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Assignment: Kitchen Appliances

Recently, Columbus Division of Police K-9 Officer David Jones asked us if we knew anyone who could use the set of kitchen appliances--stove, microwave, and dishwasher--that his neighbor was replacing. We contacted 13 Pct (South Side) Officer Heidi Graber, who knew just the right person, a delightful woman on her patrol area, Kim, who was really thrilled to receive these gifts.

We thought you'd enjoy these photos of Kim with her new stove, Ofc Graber with the truck loaded and ready to go, and Ofc Jones with K-9 Ayko at our January Starfish meeting. (Plus a completely unnecessary photo of Akyo, which we threw in because we love him.)

Thanks to 13 Pct Officer Nick Siers for donating the use of his truck for the cause. #teamwork


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