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Assignment: New Bikes For Teen Heroes

What would you do if you saw someone breaking into a home? Teens Desmar Woods and Aaromn Hunt didn't hesitate--they immediately moved to stop the man trying to break into the home of an 80-year-old widower and then helped keep him on scene until police arrived.

Yesterday, we were able to gather with Columbus Division of Police officers to thank the boys for their amazing efforts with a behind-the-scenes tour of CPD's SWAT, K-9, and Mounted facilities. The boys got to watch CPD's most famous officer, K-9 Ayko, in action. Ayko was well aware he had an audience and immediately found the firearm his partner, Officer David Jones, had placed in a field. His reward was being able to play ball with his new friends, Aaromn and Desmar.

Because the Burglary Detectives had noticed that the bikes the boys were riding weren't in the best condition, they asked if we could help get them new ones. We had a donor who was very happy to do that and also provided them with very secure locks to keep those new bikes safe. The bikes were hidden in the SWAT Bearcat, which the detectives revealed to them on the tour. The boys were so excited they wanted to ride them home. (So cute!) Instead, Sergeant Frederick Brophy of Zone 3's CRT took them (and their bikes) home in a spiffy CPD bike truck.

One of the boys was asked by a reporter, "What if more people were like you?"

"We could keep our doors open."


Until that day happens, we're very grateful to you, Desmar and Aaromn, and to people like you! ❤

Learn more about this story from our friends at 10TV, NBC4, and ABC6.


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