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Assignment: Provide Food For a Family In Need

Assignment: Provide food for a family in need.

Referring Officers: Columbus Division of Police Sergeant Amber Rich and Officer David Wrenn

Recently, Officer David Wrenn made contact with a family who had fallen on hard times. Mrs. G.'s husband had left a few weeks ago and she had been struggling financially. It was particularly hard for her to feed her children.

Officer Wrenn's sergeant, Amber Rich, contacted us to see if we had any more bags of food available. We did not, but we do have very generous donors who allow us to maintain an emergency fund for just such an occasion. We authorized them to immediately purchase groceries for the family and gave them the website so Mrs. G. could obtain the resources that she needs for long-term assistance.

Thank you to Sergeant Rich and Officer Wrenn for allowing us to help them help this family, and thank you to our donors for always being there for us when we need you!


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