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Assignment: Replace a Lawnmower

ASSIGNMENT: Replace the lawnmower of a woman who enjoys gardening and likes to work on her yard.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police Sergeant Gregory MacKinnon and Officers Trent Allen and Jason Sekinger, 7 Precinct (East Columbus)

Officers Allen and Sekinger met Ms. Turns at the scene of an early morning hit-skip outside her home. Ms. Turns was up to do her prayers and said she was very glad to see the officers because she gets nervous at night when there's activity outside her home. They complimented her on her lovely lawn and flower beds, which they told us are in pristine condition. She told the officers she takes great joy in taking care of her lawn, flowers, and property. She mentioned that her old, self-propelled push mower was having issues and that she was saving up to buy a new one.

We were very excited when the officers from 7 Precinct brought us this Assignment. Not only is it very sweet, and the third Assignment we've received from 7 Precinct C Company (yay!), but we knew we'd be able to work with our friends at Lowe's Home Improvement (2345 Silver Drive, Columbus, OH) again. You'll remember they helped us with the Door Security Bar Assignment we did with Officer Dan Snyder.

We contacted Doug and Chris at Lowe's, and they were very happy to help us and CPD get Ms. Turns a reliable lawnmower at a fantastic price. As you can see, the officers gave this beautiful Craftsman to a thrilled Ms. Turns. We love seeing the joy on her face.


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