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Assignment Update: Fix the Car of a Homeless Couple

ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to fix the vehicle of a homeless couple so they could relocate. The wooded area where they'd set up camp for a year was being razed. If you missed it, here is the original post. Here is a second post where we visited their campsite before it was razed.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police 8 Precinct (Franklinton) Community Liaison Officer Kelly Shay

We're thrilled to report that thanks to the efforts of Ofc Shay and the team she brought in, real progress has been made for Heath and Leona. They're currently staying in a temporary shelter that was offered to them while they work with a social worker from Franklin County Public Health and Mount Carmel Outreach in order to secure benefits and permanent housing. In addition, Capital Area Humane Society is assisting with grooming and vaccinations for the dogs. Doesn't Dipsy look handsome?

Thanks to our beloved Starfish supporters and Clark Auto Repair, they also have a working truck! This is phenomenal for so many reasons. They can get to medical and benefits appointments, go to food pantries, and generally access services that previously were unavailable to them. YOU helped make this happen!

The cost to repair the truck was $443.50. We raised $735 on the two posts (thank you!), leaving $291.50. Ofc Shay has asked us to hold on to this money until they move into permanent housing, at which time we'll be able to use it to buy things they need (and we'll definitely let you help out as well!).


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