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Assignment Update: Help Secure the Home Of a Great-Grandmother

ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to help make repairs to the home of a great-grandmother in order to keep her and her family safe and secure.

REFERRING OFFICERS: Columbus Division of Police Lieutenant/Starfish Committee Member Chris Lieb, Officers Amanda Hoover and Michael Kowaleski, and undercover CPD detectives assigned to the CPD/ATF Task Force. (Because they are undercover, we've protected their identities in this post.)

In our original post, we mentioned that great-grandmother Mary* is raising several grand/great-grandchildren after many hardships have befallen their family. She worked hard for 30 years and retired, but has found that life hasn't been peaceful. Part of that is because she has two family members who break into her home and cause her problems, so we were asked by CPD to help them secure her home. That involved boarding up windows that one of her grandsons had repeatedly broken, fixing broken doors and storm doors, and providing a security solution for a back window that is used to gain entry, among other things.

Thanks to your donations, we approached our friends at Lowe's Home Improvement on Silver Drive with a list of items we needed to accomplish this task. But guess what? When we told them about Miss Mary, they donated almost everything! We only had to pay about $400, and it was well over $1,000! We are so happy and thankful for this incredible generosity. Also, everyone, everyone, everyone we spoke to there was so nice and helpful. It makes us tear up thinking about it. We made multiple trips there, and of course, the employees didn't know why we were there, but every time we went, they were all so nice and helpful. So, please give it up for Lowe's Silver Drive. Which, incidentally, is the busiest Lowe's in the state (yes, really) and STILL has super sweet employees. We love them.

Lieutenant Lieb and the task force detectives replaced the screen doors on the two most used doors and all the door locks, including on the back door, which previously had been screwed shut. They also replaced the door jam there, so now it's able to be opened and closed and is secure.

When Lt Lieb suggested boarding up the broken windows, we trusted him because he's awesome, but we couldn't see his vision. However, as you can see from the pictures, he made it look great. We tried to look into getting new windows for there, but because they're odd sizes, they'd have to be special ordered and couldn't be discounted much. We simply don't have the budget for it. Plus, since they've already been broken into twice, this seems to be a good solution for this point in Miss Mary's life.

We will have another update for you after we do the remaining work. Thanks to our supporters, CPD, and Lowe's for making this possible!

*Name has been changed.


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