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Assignment Update: Temporary Housing

ASSIGNMENT UPDATE: We were asked to provide emergency shelter to a single working mother and her two small children (a 2-year-old girl and a 9-month-old boy). Here is the original post.

REFERRING OFFICER: Columbus Division of Police 11 Precinct Community Liaison Officer Robin Medley

We asked mom Dorthea* to meet us at the precinct itself. Thanks to your generous donations, we'd raised $925. Of that, $298.40 went to paying for her hotel room for five nights. We rounded up and gave her $640, which we did not want to hand to her in a public place. (Please keep this in mind if you're going to meet someone and buy something from them: even on-duty officers are careful about exchanging money in public. We encourage you to use one of the safe exchange zones in the city.

Dorthea and her children are spending one more night in the hotel, and then they'll be moving in with friends until they can get permanent housing. Maria Gonzales from Code Enforcement is helping her get assistance from the city since she had to leave due to the landlord not making appropriate repairs to their apartment.

When Ofc Medley actually gave Dorthea the envelope and told her how much was in there, she nearly started to cry. Then she asked if she could hug all of us--Ofc Medley, Ofc Dan Snyder (11 Pct, who did the Brakes Assignment with us back in November), Starfish volunteer Rohan, and Starfish president Nicole Banks.

Thank you for donating $925. That's a lot of money, and we're really happy you came together on this project. It will make a big difference for her. Thank you. 💙

*We've changed her name


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