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Bikes Assignment 2021: Dublin Bikes Drive

Our bike drive with Dublin Police today was an amazing success, with over 200 bikes donated! We're already halfway to our goal of 400 bikes, and we're sure that we'll be able to expand to four Columbus Recreation and Parks Department centers. That means that we'll be able to give bikes to children on the South Side in addition to South Linden, the Hilltop, and the East Side!

There was a constant stream of cars driving up to drop off bikes for the two hours of the drive. Dublin Chief Justin Páez was on hand to help unload bikes, as were Lieutenant Nick Tabernik, Corporal Bill Morris, School Resource Officer Rigo Quintanilla, and School Resource Officer Scott Nichelson.

We also got to see our friend Sergeant Jonathon Todhunter, from the John Glenn Columbus International Airport, who brought an entire truckload of bikes from employees there.

Our friends at the Delaware County Sheriff's Office were represented by Deputy Charm Johnson, who also made a donation and helped out for the whole drive.

Columbus Division of Police Detective Sean Taylor, who had the idea for the first Bikes Assignment last year, was also on hand for this event. We had a fun time talking with him and the Dublin officers about the differences between last year's event and this year's and about our plans for the coming weeks.

As you can see, we had a number of civilian volunteers who put a great deal of effort into making this event the success it was. Our thanks to them, to all the bike donors, and to the agencies who worked to make this a success, especially Dublin. ☘️💙


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