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Bikes & Badges 2021: South Side

Our final Bikes & Badges 2021 event was held today at Columbus Recreation and Parks Department's Barack Community Center on the South Side. It was a wonderful place to gather with Columbus Division of Police, Dublin Police, and Starfish volunteers to wrap up this months-long Assignment. We got to see many happy children and families, and as a bonus, we also got to see lots of officers that we've worked with on other Assignments over the years.

Longtime Starfish followers will recognize Officer Jesse Perkins, who helped Officer Dan Snyder replace the brakes on a single dad's car in the Hilltop so he wouldn't lose his job in November 2019. You'll also see Officers Heidi Graber and Aaron Neal, who we've worked with more times than we can remember. In fact, Officer Graber will be doing an Assignment tomorrow. She saw a child getting a bike who didn't have any shoes, so she's going to get him a pair tomorrow, and we're going to reimburse her. 💙

We're so grateful to all of you who make things like Bikes & Badges and Mico Assignments like shoe purchases possible. We'll do a wrap-up of Bikes & Badges 2021 in a couple of days so you can get a full picture of what a great thing you've played a part in. For now, we hope you've enjoyed these great photos.


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