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Bikes & Badges Donation Drive

We're having another bike donation drive for our Third Annual Bikes & Badges on Thursday, May 12 from 5-7pm, and we are hoping you can join us. We will be at Lazelle Woods Community Center, 8140 Sancus Blvd, Westerville (just behind Columbus Division of Police's 1 Precinct Substation).

Over the past two years, we've been able to get more than 500 bikes to children and spread joy across the city, thanks to you. If you have gently used bikes, please come see us.

Questions? We love questions! Here are some of the most frequently asked ones:

Are you accepting adult-size bikes? Or tricycles? Or balance bikes?

Yes! We're accepting all sizes of bikes in good condition. However, we particularly need bikes for little kids (under age 12). Officers from several of our partner agencies will be able to do minor repairs, so they don't have to be perfect.

Can you pick up bikes like you did this year?

Unfortunately, no. Due to personnel constraints, we are unable to offer pickup service this year.

Is this the last donation drive you'll have?

Yes. But if you can't make it and you'd like to donate your bike to a worthy organization, please consider Franklinton Cycle Works. They are wonderful.

Where are you going to give away the bikes?

We will be partnering with Columbus Division of Police and Columbus Recreation and Parks Department to choose where the bikes will go.

How does someone get a bike?

We work with CPD officers and Columbus Recs & Parks personnel to determine who gets bicycles.

Do you announce when the bike giveaways are?

No. We have a limited number of bikes and as we discussed above, it's decided ahead of time who is receiving them. To announce the giveaways would lead to some disappointed kiddos and we would never want that.

I have a bike that is NOT in good condition. What should I do with it?

Please consider giving it to Franklinton Cycle Works. They do wonderful things with bikes and will take them in all sorts of conditions.


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