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Books & Badges: Columbus Torah Academy

Columbus Division of Police Community Liaison Officer James Poole (20 Precinct, Southeast Side) had a great time doing Books & Badges readings last week at the Columbus Torah Academy. The fourth graders enjoyed listening to, "The Truth (and Myths) About Weird Animals," while the kindergartners were treated to, "Paddington Sets Sail." As you can see, all of the students received a copy of the book to keep.

Officer Poole said the kids had some great (and funny) questions for him. He reports they even wanted to see his muscles. They also asked him if he ever chased any bad guys. (Yes.) When they asked if he'd ever had any bad guys beat him, he had to admit they had, and the kids were shocked. (We've seen him run--he's fast, so this surprised us, too.) The kids made him feel better about these defeats by telling him that if the bad guys didn't have a head start, they're sure he'd have won. How very sweet!

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