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Books & Badges: Deputy Chief Mike Woods

What a fun Books & Badges​ event we had today at Adams Community Center. Columbus Division of Police​ Deputy Chief Mike Woods read his childhood favorite, Horton Hatches the Egg by Dr. Seuss, to the summer campers, who enjoyed every moment of it. The story talks about overcoming obstacles and keeping your word, things Chief Woods discussed with the kids afterward.

Although social distancing makes it a little difficult to have our usual lively question and answer sessions, the children wanted to know about whether they really like donuts (yes!) and what their body armor is made out of (kevlar). Deputy Chief Tim Becker tried to convince the kids that his body armor, which actually sounds like a door when you knock on it, was due to his workout regime, but the children didn't buy it. They were, however, shocked to hear knocking sounds coming from a man's chest and a few wanted to try that trick out for themselves.

One little boy was so enamored with the deputy chiefs, that he decided they were Very Important and began to emulate them. This consisted of him pretending to order people to do push-ups, which he then started doing himself (good leadership by example, there!). Chief Tim Becker joined in, much to the boy's delight.

We want to thank Columbus Recreation and Parks Department​ for having us. We'd also like to thank the Wartel Family Foundation for the donation that allowed us to purchase these books and give money for a cookout. It was another wonderful event that we were very happy to be part of. We have events in the works at other rec centers across the city!

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