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Books & Badges: Eastland Performance Academy

We're overjoyed to share an update from our recent Books & Badges readings at Eastland Performance Academy. Columbus Division of Police Officer James Poole not only read to over 200 students at this event but also holds the record for reading to more children than any other participant in our program! Thanks to his dedication, thousands of kids have experienced the joy of storytelling.

This year, a sixth grader, who was part of Officer Poole's audience two different years, was so excited to see him again that he invited her to join him in reading to younger students. She happily worked with him and the smaller children, and everyone had a great time. Acknowledging her enthusiasm and kindness, Officer Poole presented her with a CPD patch so she would have a memorable token of this special day.

We love that Books & Badges is more than a reading program. It's a bridge that connects, inspires, and strengthens our community, and Officer Poole's extraordinary contributions have been a cornerstone of this mission.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Officer Poole and all the officers and deputies who participate in Books & Badges for their partnership and amazing efforts in enriching the lives of countless children. 📖❤️


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