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Books & Badges: How Fast?

This week, Columbus Division of Police Community Liaison Officers David LaRoche, James Poole, and Alesia Zacher all had Books & Badges readings. Ofc LaRoche read A Bad Case of the Stripes to some very engaged first graders at Oakmont Elementary School. He likes to ask each student what type of officer they would be if they were going to be a police officer. Popular choices include SWAT and K-9, of course.

Ofcs Poole and Zacher read There's A Fly Guy In My Soup to third graders at Liberty Elementary. He reports that a big topic of conversation for them was, "Why are you bald?" They also wanted to know if his car is fast.

"Yes, it's fast."

"How fast? What's the fastest you've ever taken it?"

"Uh...we have a helicopter for pursuits. Did you know that?" Hahaha! Well done, Ofc Poole. (As always!)


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