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Books & Badges: John Glenn International Airport

We're thrilled to announce our partnership with the Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA) Police Department. We met today at John Glenn Columbus International Airport to give Chief Ronald Gray and his officers 600 brand new Scholastic books so they can read to children as part of our Books & Badges program. They'll be able to read to children as they wait for flights or in luggage claim. Each child will then be able to go on their way with a copy of the book the officer read to them. The CRAA officers are very excited to get started (there was talk of even beginning this evening!).

Sergeant Jonathon Todhunter, who has been wonderful to work with as we talked about adapting Books & Badges to a new environment, has done some research, and he believes this is the only airport in the country with this type of program. We are so happy to be part of it and so proud of our beloved Columbus for once again being a trailblazer.


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