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Books & Badges: Milo Recreation Center

We had such a fun time at Milo Recreation Center today with Columbus Division of Police Deputy Chief Richard Bash. He read Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel as part of our Books & Badges program, and each child received a copy of the book to keep. Chief Bash and Youth Services/Starfish Liaison Sergeant Andre Tate both autographed copies of the book at the kids' request (it's so cute when they want the officers to do that!).

After the reading, we had lunch from Donato's Pizza and for dessert--cupcakes or mandarin oranges (yep, some of the kids chose oranges!).

Chief Bash was thrilled to come to Milo--he spent much of his career patrolling this area of Columbus--and he is already making plans to return. He's a huge proponent of youth mentoring and has been a big supporter of our Books & Badges program. We were very happy to come out with him today.

Thanks to the staff of Milo for making this event such a fun success. Center Manager Jamar Harris was wonderful to work with and went the extra mile to make sure everything went great. We look forward to many more events with them!

If you're sorry you missed out on your chance to have Chief Bash read Mike Mulligan to you, fret not! He read it as part of our Virtual Books & Badges program last year, so it's available online. Enjoy!


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