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Books & Badges: Southwood Elementary

Today was another fun day of Books & Badges readings with Columbus Division of Police, this time on the South Side at Southwood Elementary School. Officers Heidi Graber, Sierra Caldwell, Dean Collins, and Alan Doerfler, read to the kindergarten, first, and second grade classes, and each child got to take home a copy of the book the officer read to them.

The officers said the kids were very attentive, and some of them remembered seeing Officer Heidi in their neighborhood on patrol. The officers were very happy to see that many of the kids wanted to be police officers themselves when they grow up. One child said that he's never met a police officer before, which is one of the many reasons we do these events: it's a really great way for children to meet officers, talk to them, and ask them any questions they may have.

Today they asked lots of questions, and we always smile when that happens. The officers got questions like:

"Why do you have a badge?"

"How old are you?"

"What's your job?" (All of today's officers are on patrol.)

"What's it like to be a cop?" (Answer: "It's great because we get to help people.")

All four of the officers who read today are eager to read again, and we promised Officer Graber she can set up readings for every elementary student on the South Side, so you'll be seeing more Books & Badges posts from 13 Precinct.

Thank you to Southwood Elementary, their amazing students, Officers Graber, Caldwell, Collins, and Doerfler, and our volunteers. If you're an educator who would like Books & Badges in your classroom, please email us at


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