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Christmas Blessing Bags 2021

What a wonderful night we had at the Columbus Division of Police Academy. Sahara-Columbus volunteers donated the following to CPD and Franklin Township Police:

* 50 Christmas meal bags

* 50 bags for individuals experiencing homelessness

* 200 treat bags for children

* 25 gingerbread houses

* 25 Dogman books

Each of the Christmas meal bags included a $50 grocery gift card thanks to CME Federal Credit Union, Byers Auto Group, and Starfish supporters.

To thank the Sahara-Columbus volunteers for their hard work and generosity, officers took them (and us) on a tour of the CPD Academy. We had a great time and learned a lot about policing, CPD's history, and the training the recruits go through.

After the tour, the Sahara-Columbus kids and adults gave the bags and gifts to the officers, who headed out across to the city to distribute them to people in need. What a great partnership that we are honored to be part of for a second year!


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