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Congratulations, Detective Lazar!

Next week, Detective Steve Lazar retires from the Columbus Division of Police after 32 years of service. He is one of the four "founding officers" of Starfish--ones who we met in the first few months after we were established and who helped make us the charity we are. Steve was always there for us, giving advice, connecting us to others, and being an unwavering source of support. He believed in us from the beginning and has always been one of our biggest supporters. We are so proud to call him a friend.

Detective Lazar has served the City of Columbus in many different areas, but his heart is dedicated to his role at the CPD Narcotic Bureau's Investigative and Tactical Unit (In/Tac), where he has been for the past 14 years. He has completed more than 4,000 missions and saved countless lives by getting drugs and drug dealers off the streets of our city. Our president and founder did two ride alongs with In/Tac if you'd like to learn more about this unit.

Thank you, Steve, for everything you've done for us. We would not be the same charity without you.

Thanks also to you and the other 32 officers retiring next week for everything you did and sacrificed for the city during your years of devoted service. You are much appreciated.


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