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Congratulations, Director Becker!

Congratulations to Starfish Advisory Board Member Tim Becker, who was sworn in as Gahanna's Safety Director last night! When Gahanna Mayor Laurie Jadwin introduced him to Gahanna City Council, she spoke about his commitment to public service, including his devotion to Starfish Assignment and the strong partnership Gahanna Division of Police has with us.

In fact, Mayor Jadwin announced last night that since December 2019, we have distributed more than 25,000 books to our partner agencies, and book #25,000 went to Gahanna! Gahanna officers have been busy reading them, too. Last week, Officers Van, MacMaster, and Moffitt read to every student at Highpoint Elementary School--more than 530 children!

All of this makes us so happy. Best wishes to Tim, and thank you to Gahanna for being such great partners. We look forward to doing many, many wonderful things together.


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