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Congratulations, K9-2!

Today marks the end of an era, as the dynamic crime-fighting duo of Officer David Jones and K-9 Ayko has retired from the Columbus Division of Police. Officer Jones devoted his nearly 31-year career to serving, protecting, mentoring, and uplifting. He never slowed down, never stopped being a leader, one to look up to, a friend, someone to aspire to be. As an officer, man, and friend, he makes everyone he comes in contact with a better, happier person.

Not to be outdone, K-9 Ayko always did his partner proud, devoting nine years of his life to catching bad guys and finding narcotics. Truly, he loved to work, but he loves Davey more, so when Davey said it was time to go read to kids or show people how K-9s do their things, he was right there with him. Ayko scared a lot of adults--we remember being at a police substation one time, and all the officers in the room moved to one side to avoid him--but he seems to have a special kind of patience for children.

Sometimes a little bit grumpy, Ayko nonetheless knows that a child brave enough to approach him and give him some love should be respected and permitted a pet or two. We've never seen him be anything but professional and eager to work. Also, he's mellowed a lot over the five years that we've known him, so those pets he allows have become increasingly more frequent. There have even been a few selfies with him.

Starfish would be a different charity without Davey and Ayko. He gave us ideas and supported initiatives. He was always there and encouraging others to be there as well. He is kind, patient, funny, loving, and we're so grateful to know him. Davey, heartiest of congratulations to you and Ayko. Give your family hugs for us and thank them for letting us borrow you for so long.


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