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Cops & Barbers 2021: Linden

Day One of Cops & Barbers 2021 with Columbus Division of Police was fantastic. We were at Linden Community Center, where we gave haircuts to 50 boys, did art projects with 50 girls, and everyone received school supplies and a book from the 2nd & 7 Foundation.

The kids were so cute. The boys were great while getting their haircuts. One little guy was a bit fidgety, so his barber gave him his phone so he could make funny faces to himself on Snapchat (truly a pro).

The girls decorated stainless steel water bottles with stickers, and some even decorated themselves. There were so many sticker options to choose from, they'll have plenty to decorate their new notebooks and folders if they'd like.

We were also able to provide lunch to all participants and their families, and as a huge treat, The Buckeye Guy came with a literal truckload of toys for the kids. It was breathtaking--all of us were marveling over it. He had a TV playing with clips of himself on the news and at games, because he's from Linden, and he wanted to inspire the children and show them that they can do great things. It was wonderful, and he was delightful. He made all of us happy.

City Councilman Emmanuel V. Remy came and got to say hello to CPD Therapy Dog Unit favorites Officer Tony Rogers and Ollie (which many people did--they're so popular!). We also got to see our old friend Officer James Poole on a CPD motorcycle for the first time. He had a great time showing off his new ride to the children and participating in his first event as a motorcycle cop (love those boots!).

We can't wait to do it again tomorrow on the West Side at Glenwood!


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