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Cops & Gobblers Is Around the Corner!

Today was a day of community, care, and a whole lot of walking! A standing ovation to Sergeant Mel Romans and the phenomenal Columbus Division of Police cadets for visiting over 200 homes at Rosewind Apartments in South Linden. Each door tag they left contained information about our cherished Cops & Gobblers event next week.

The seeds for this annual gesture of goodwill were planted four years ago by South Linden Officers Mike Daymut and Joshua Bell, and we're so excited and happy to see the tradition flourish. The event brings more than just food to this wonderful neighborhood; it also brings warmth and camaraderie.

Imagine opening your door to find an entire frozen turkey and a bag of sides, courtesy of a friendly face from CPD officers and a host of amazing friends. That’s the joy we're thrilled to share door-to-door, and we're getting very excited for it!

The cadets' laughter and cheerful banter echoed through Rosewind, creating connections that go beyond a meal. We're grateful for these bonds being forged, even ahead of our big day.

A huge thanks to our sponsors who helped make this happen: Columbus Police, KEMBA Financial Credit Union, AEP Ohio, Byers Airport Subaru, Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, Walmart Dublin - Britton Pkwy, and you — our Starfish donors and supporters.

Don’t worry if you're not a Rosewind resident but are in need of Thanksgiving cheer. Follow the Columbus Division of Police's social media for updates on turkey distributions at various substations around town.

And there's more help at hand! Find additional support by visiting because no one should be without a Thanksgiving feast.

Together, we're making Thanksgiving not just a meal, but a memory to cherish. Stay tuned for more updates as we draw closer to the event!


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