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CPD Promotions

Congratulations to the newly promoted leaders of Columbus Division of Police. We had so many friends at this event who were promoted to deputy chief, commander, lieutenant, and sergeant that we didn't capture individual photos of everyone. How lucky are we to partner with such amazing officers, and how lucky is Columbus to have such wonderful leaders--people who are willing to organize community events, do Books & Badges readings, help people in need, and give back in so many other ways?

A special note of congratulations to Starfish Executive Vice-President, Tim Myers, who is now the youngest Deputy Chief in the Division's history. You can learn more about him and the ceremony itself in 10TV Lacey Crisp's story.

We'd also like to congratulate the loved ones of these officers. Their success is your success. Thank you for everything you do behind the scenes that enables them to do this challenging job. Your efforts are recognized and appreciated.


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