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Cross Country Bicycle Journey

Our dear friend, Columbus Division of Police Motorcycle Officer James Poole is about to embark on a cross-country bicycle ride with his son, Jonah. They're hoping their journey will bring awareness to the mental health of first responders and are raising money for First Responders' Bridge, an excellent charity that does great work.

They start May 1 in Santa Barbara, California, and their first stop is our partner agency, Glendale Police Department. Many of the officers there have rearranged their schedules so they can say hello to them, and we are all excited to see pictures.

The Pooles will be traveling along Route 66 through St. Louis and hope to be passing through Columbus towards the beginning of June. They will end their coast-to-coast journey in the waters near Washington, D.C.

Along the way, Officer Poole will stop at fire departments and police stations and talk to them about the importance of taking care of their mental health and the role the Bridge can play in that. At the police stations, he will share about Starfish and give out our president's business card because he believes what we do is beneficial to officers' mental health as well.

We are very excited to follow their journey, and we will update you from time to time. Please wish them well and consider donating to the Bridge in their honor.


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