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Donut Party Celebration!

We created the tradition of celebrating milestones with a donut party quite by accident. Starfish Founder/President Nicole Banks jokingly threw one for her friend, Lieutenant Chris Lieb, when he took command of the second shift of Zone 1, where she lives. She brought donuts and donut trinkets with her on a ride along with him, and they gave them out at all his substations. It was so popular that we threw one for Commander Tim Myers when he was promoted in December at the academy.

Recently, several Columbus Division of Police leaders that we work with have either been promoted or switched positions, so we threw a big donut party at CPD Headquarters in the Homicide Unit. Anytime we can say hi to Homicide, we are all in. Plus, three of the people in their chain of command are people we are celebrating!

Recent promotions were Assistant Chief Greg Bodker, Deputy Chief Kelly Weiner, and Deputy Chief Smith Weir. Recent transfers were Deputy Chief Tim Becker (to Patrol South), Commander Dennis Jeffrey (to Major Crimes), and Commander Robert Strausbaugh (to Drug Crimes).

As you can see, everyone had a wonderful time. And for those of you who always wondered, cops are like everyone else--most of them do indeed like donuts. (But we brought some clementines for those who don't!) 🍩🥳

It just wouldn't be a Starfish Donut Party without some shenanigans, and Lieutenant Leib, volunteer Jack Carlin, and Deputy Chief Becker did not disappoint, setting up a course and racing donut cars.


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