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Easter Baskets

For 37 years, Mrs. Marylou Posey has been making Easter baskets for children across the city, which means she and her friends have spread joy to thousands of children over the years. This is our third year partnering with her, and we are so excited to work with her again.

Mrs. Posey reached out to us in March 2020 at the urging of her husband, Dick, when most of the other charities she worked with closed due to the pandemic. He knew about us because he is a member of the charitable group 100 Men Who Give a Damn, which provided us the seed money to start Books & Badges (thank you!!). He figured the police weren't closed, so we wouldn't be, either, and he was right!

This year, we received nearly 200 baskets, which went to Columbus Division of Police substations all across the city. Mrs. Posey is also giving baskets to our friends at Columbus Recreation and Parks Department, specifically Linden Community Center, where she used to play as a child. Turns out she taught Starfish Board Member Mario Dovell when he was in school. He remembered her and was so happy to reconnect with her. Sweet, right?

Last year, many of her former students saw this post and left comments for her, which we passed on. We will be happy to do that again this year. Also, if you would like to email her, please write to and we will forward it to her. It made her very happy to hear from all of you.


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