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Exploring the Justice System with Starfish Connect

What a fantastic Starfish Connect event we had yesterday with the Newark Boys & Girls Club!

We spent the day with Newark Law Director Tricia Moore, Licking County Municipal Court Judge George, LCSO Deputy Shook, and Captain Barbuto. The highlight was visiting Judge George's courtroom, where the children got a firsthand look at the judicial system.

Ms. Moore captivated the children with her insights on the legislature. When she asked, "What is a prosecutor?" one child cleverly responded, "It's almost like a game of Clue!" Ms. Moore then explained Congress, the House of Representatives, City Council, the difference between a misdemeanor and a felony, what an arraignment is, and the presumption of innocence.

We also heard from victim advocates, the court reporter, Assistant Law Director Matt Cox, Bailiff George, and Judge George himself, who answered many of the children's questions.

The excitement peaked when Ms. Moore invited nine children to serve on a mock jury, with roles for a prosecutor and a defense attorney. The children had a blast participating in a mock trial for the theft of a candy bar! After a short deliberation, the jury found the defendant guilty and imposed a $150 fine. What an expensive candy bar!

The children's curious minds and great questions made the day even more special. They were thrilled to explore the courtroom and experience all the aspects of a trial.

A huge thank you to Law Director Administrative Assistant Cindy Campbell for organizing this event, and to Ms. Moore, Judge George, the Law Director's office staff, and the LCSO for creating a lifetime memory for these children. It was truly a wonderful day!


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