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Far East Community Immersion Project

Recently, Columbus Division of Police Officers Colby Scott and Jacob Jernigan completed a multi-day Community Immersion Project with Far East Community Center. We were thrilled that they chose to incorporate Books & Badges into their festivities! They even invited our old friend, Officer James Poole, to read to the children!

Officer Poole reports that there was a quiz about sea animals in the book they read, and Officers Jernigan and Scott promised that if the group got all the answers correct, they'd do 20 push-ups for them. The kids thought this was a great reward, and some even joined the officers in doing the push-ups!

Officer Scott said his favorite quote of the day was from a 5-year-old who said, "I made a new friend today.”

A heartfelt thank you to Officers Scott, Jernigan, and Poole for incorporating Starfish into this wonderful project. Special thanks also go to Far East Community Center Manager Roger Harper and his team for their warm hospitality and excellent collaboration.


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