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February Meeting

The guest speakers at our February meeting are 13 Precinct (South Side) Columbus Division of Police Officers Heidi Graber and Aaron Neal. They each have 18.5 years with the Division and are devoted to community policing. They'll talk with us about what they experience as patrol officers on the South End, including the effects of poverty on children, and about the large homeless camps there, which are periodically razed.

We'll have a special guest from the City's Code Enforcement office, Maria Gonzales, who also works in the South Side. Ms. Gonzales works with Ofcs Graber and Neal (and with other officers we work with) and will talk to us about the conditions in some of the homes she's seen. She'll also bring photos to share with us.

This is an excellent opportunity for you to educate yourself about what many of our neighbors live like in the City of Columbus. Ofc Pete Casuccio spoke to us about South Linden last year, and now we can learn about South Side, and more in-depth thanks to Ms. Gonzales joining us.

Please join us, and please bring a friend. As always, our meetings are free and open to the public.


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