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Firefighters 4 Kids

We truly get to meet the best people and interact with the best organizations. In October, our friend Sallie Cerrie from CME Federal Credit Union connected us to Firefighters 4 Kids - Columbus Ohio, an organization that distributes toys to children in need during the holidays. Due to the pandemic, they realized that they'd need to curtail their operations this year, but wanted to make sure they still got the toys that were in their warehouses out to kids. Were we interested in partnering with them?

Were we ever!!

Not only did they let us partner with them, but we were able to invite Mario Dovell from Columbus Recreation and Parks Department and Kathy Jackson, who volunteers with a number of charities, to come to the warehouse with us. They also were able to put in "orders" for toys. Mario was able to obtain toys for several community centers that he supervises, and Kathy was able to help TWENTY-FIVE different local organizations that she works with.

As for us...we were able to get toys for every Columbus Division of Police precinct! That's 20 precincts! The folks at Firefighters 4 Kids even let us order larger amounts of toys for precincts with greater need. They were so kind and helpful.

Now it's December and officers are busy distributing those toys across the city to kids and families in need, due to some very sweet people who wanted to make a difference. Thank you Firefighters 4 Kids! We really appreciate what you do!


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