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Fun Questions At Starfish Connect

We had another fantastic Starfish Connect event at the Sullivant Gardens Community Center! Columbus Division of Police Deputy Chief Rock Alli and Officer JJ Young spent time talking to the children about the ins and outs of police work. They shared why there are differences in their uniforms, what their jobs entail, and answered tons of great questions.

We also got to see Lieutenant Paul Szabo and Officer Shawn Lutz, who popped in before being called away. We were delighted when one of our sharp little friends greeted Lieutenant Szabo by rank, "Hello, lieutenant," remembering him from a prior visit. It made us smile to realize the beautiful connections being formed by these visits.

A big thank you to the dedicated staff at Sullivant Gardens, Deputy Chief Alli, Lieutenant Szabo, Officer Lutz, Officer Young, and, of course, all the wonderful children who filled the event with joy and laughter. We're already looking forward to the next event!


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